Welcome to ODINFaucet

We are a free ODIN faucet. You can request a drop of 0.5 ODIN here. We will transfer this to the address of your choosing. The drops are limited to 10 ODIN per 24 hours in total and one request per IP address or ODIN address.

If you don't have an ODIN address yet, you can download the official ODIN-QT wallet or join the staking pool on ODINPool.

Faucet information
Current faucet balance:
1,222.27 ODIN
Distributed last 24 hours:
0.0 ODIN
Total distributed:
36.5 ODIN
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Exchanges listing ODIN are coming soon.

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Donate to ODINFaucet.com

In order to keep distributing ODIN to new holders, we need a good supply of ODIN. The full balance of the faucet wallet is being staked at ODINPool.com to generate Proof-of-Stake returns, but we run mostly on donations.

You can send your donation to:


Donations towards this address will go to the faucet. Donating ODIN to ODINFaucet.com is final and irreversible. The donation is highly appreciated, however the donor has no claim on the donation in any case, even when the faucet shuts down.

Donate towards hosting costs

Running this website brings with it costs. If you like the idea and would like to donate to support in hosting costs, you can use the following address:


Donations to this address will be allocated towards hosting costs, or anything that is related to the development of the site, including beer and cookies.

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